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Delivering a top-quality product range comprising HDPE Plastic Pipes, MDPE Water Pipes, Colored HDPE Heavy Duty Pipe, HDPE Water Supply Pipe, Multi Colored HDPE Pipe, etc.

About Us

In the widely distributed market of pipes, our company, Rotec Pipes LLP, has emerged as an evolving manufacturer, supplier and wholesaler of a wide variety of products. We established ourselves in the year 2015 and since that time have been serving multiple customers with a large variety of pipes. We sell items such as Agricultural HDPE Pipe, Colored HDPE Round Pipe, High Density Polyethylene Pipe, Multi Colored HDPE Agricultural Pipe, HDPE Water Supply Pipe and Multi Color HDPE Water Pipe. In addition, we deal with CPVC Pipes and Fittings, Borewell Submersible Pump Sets, which are all made using the best raw material available in the market. Each produced batch is then carefully tested and guaranteed to comply with the highest quality standards. Moreover, we follow strict ethical standards while treating the clients in our company.

Why Us?

Following are some points which best represent why to choose our company over others:

  • We ensure utmost transparency and authenticity in all the business operations with our clients.
  • We stay focused on selling our products at the most minimal rates.
  • We thoroughly understand the needs of clients and ensure they are addressed adequately & immediately.
  • We have a professional team that is well qualified to conduct all of the operations seamlessly.
  • We assure all orders are fulfilled promptly as well as safely.

Our Mission & Vision

The mission & vision of our company is to serve our high-quality product range including Multi Colored HDPE Agricultural Pipe, Multi Color HDPE Water Pipe, Agricultural HDPE Pipe, HDPE Water Supply Pipe, Colored HDPE Round Pipe, etc., to the customers and retain them for long periods of time. To achieve our vision & mission, we work with utmost determination and promote our goods to the most potential market audience.

Brands We Deal In

The brands in which we deal in are given below:

  • Rotec
  • Ample
  • Tecqra

Our Infrastructure

For completing the always rising market demands, we are backed by a robust infrastructure. It comprises a modern production unit in which newest technology of machines are fitted for manufacturing the perfect variety of goods like HDPE Water Supply Pipe, Multi Color HDPE Water Pipe, Colored HDPE Round Pipe, Multi Colored HDPE Agricultural Pipe, Agricultural HDPE Pipe, etc. All the operations in the infrastructure are effortlessly carried out by our team of professionals which is the reason why we are able to efficiently complete the increasing demands of the customers.